March 01, 2004

A Blue Window

My those are long fingernails, he said
Plopping my hand on top of his head.
I kinda agree, I laughed with a wink
Dragging his old ass out to the sink.

He closed his eyes as I turned on the water
Amazing how much he looked like his father.
I ran the slimy shampoo into his hair
Grabbed onto a lane that wasn't there.

I rinsed and repeat, dared not to condition
My only rebellion in a world of tradition.
He sighed with a smile and clasped his hands
His legs swung limp, unused rubber bands.

I massaged his scalp for a minute or two
Traced his ear as a lover would do.
Before the moment passed, I memorized his face.
The next time I'd see it, it'd be covered in lace.

by E. M. Soos

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