August 27, 2009

Date Night Mad Lib

Hubby and I have been trying to make sure we have a date night each week, whether our little guy is home or staying overnight with his grandparents. Sometimes it's hard to agree on what to do and by the end of the day we're both so drained that the creative juices just aren't flowing. Wednesday night was no exception. Hubs asked what I wanted to do.

I sighed, "I want to lay down here," and proceeded to lay down on the living room floor. He laughed at me and eventually joined me. We talked for a while and kept trying to figure out something fun and special to do for date night. Out of desperation, I suggested mad-libs.

"What? We don't have any templates for mad libs," Hubby pointed out.

"No, not that kind. The kind where I say a word, then you say a word and we make up a story," I explained.

Hubby snickered and rolled his eyes, "That's stupid. Who have you played this with before?"

"Anyone and everyone!" I declared, defending myself. "OK, how about whoever speaks first?" This one he knew. I'd taught it to him before. He rolled his eyes again.

"OK, staring contest!" I demanded. When his eyes started going north again I blurted out, "It's either a staring contest or we're going to play that old joke where after everything I say you say 'pea soup!'" That did it. The staring contest was ON!

I lost, miserably.

After a few rounds of staring, I decided to take matters in my own hands. "Once," I started.

"What?" Hubby asked.

"Once..." I emphasized. After the third "ONCE," hubby caught on, and our mad lib began. Shortly after starting our story, amongst lots of giggles (and hubby starting to realize I'm really a genius and not stupid at all), I figured we should write this gem down. I didn't catch the beginning, but it really had nothing to do with the story. Something about a big balloon and a duck swimming in the sky.

So, without further ado, here is our lovely story:

The sky was blue that day, which made very much sense. There were a many ESL students flying in the lake which made very much sense. Some rocks were hovering over a meadow that had peculiar giant wasps. Today was a first for townsfolk. They usually eat onions, but today they had pee.

"Why do you insist on me serving you my urine every day?" Asked Maryanne.

The baker replied, "That seems like one more complaint. Didn't I tell everyone that these bunions must hurt?"

Off we rambled through a different list of previous complaints, which made the very little girl whine, "Don't complain anymore about anything!"

Next, a pink alligator wrangler wearing crocodile shorts shouted, "Come on you pansies! Let's forget about urine and think about something more palatable!"

So Mayor Rambunctious took the first drink he had within reach. "My goodness! I've never been as happy as clams and willing to talk about such smooth bubbly fizz. Who dares complain when urine tastes so amazingly rich?"

The old geezer to his south end glared threateningly. "You bastard! That wasn't your urine. I wanted my sisters to drink mixed urine, but you used the tail end of the cocktail.

The tail end is over.

~Mad Lib by E. M. Soos and J.D. Munns

Pooped from our mind boggling mad lib, hubby decided he needed a snack and asked me if I wanted anything.

"What are you going to have?" I asked.

"Chips, crackers, ice cream, yogurt," He began.

"You're going to eat ALL of those things?" I interrupted quizzically. "Chips, soda, crackers AND ice cream?"

"What? I thought you asked me what we have," He explained. "Besides, we don't have any soda."

"Or soda crackers," I pointed out wisely.

"But there might be baking soda in the crackers," Hubby guessed.

"I don't know, I've never made crackers before," I admitted, shrugging.

"Sure you have... Parker!" Hubby grinned.

"No, that's just ONE cracker." I laughed.


  1. whoa .. good thing I don't partake in illect drugs .. Your adlibs blew my mind enough, thank you very much! lol! I swear .. that was like an acid trip (not that I know what one is like, but I've heard about them and they sounds strangley like your story!)

  2. Wow, that was one trippy mad-lib!!! But you know what I love is that you all know how to have a good time together. I miss that with my husband. It seems we've forgotten how to have fun together, we've gotten so bogged down with the kids that we're too tired most of the time!!!

  3. That is great - we've done that before, too. Good fun!

  4. I loved the mad lib. Cracked up laughing right through it. I like the idea of date night. Maybe it's something I should try here. Hope you have a good weekend! (Stopping by from the MBC)

  5. That is so cute!! We try for date night but end up tired laying on the
    Thank you for stopping by, feel free to drop in again.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. cute..

    i need a date night myself..

    visiting throught check this link email at mbc..

  7. I loved that... im so following now!!!


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